Dry prefabricated construction

All our prefab buildings are based on prefabrication, using components manufactured at the factory with precise and controlled production processes. This enables us to plan production time and costs.

Dry construction systems are also convenient from an energy-saving point of view, as in terms of production and installation features they are able to combine integral construction elements with thermal and acoustic insulation materials, as well as integrated features for plant design and installation.
Other advantages are: reduced production times, economic benefit, seismic safety, high level of passive protection in case of fire and sustainability.
Prefabricated dry constructions allow building sites to be much more organised than those associated with buildings made with other traditional technologies, consisting of industrialised structures, for which the works on the construction site are limited to the assembly of component parts. Work in small spaces and unfavourable conditions is also possible.
The fundamental principles of concept, design and creation of structures using dry systems must consider the assembly of the components, with easily manageable and joinable products.