Steel Structures

We have the longest and broadest experience in the construction of steel structures and can undertake just about any project. Quality and design efficiency are our special strengths in the construction of the steel structure.   DIN1090 certification is followed and provides us and our clients with quality, safety, reliability and design efficiency.

Our international reference list includes support and frame structures for office and commercial buildings, and challenging special structures such as bridges, towers, large-scale canopies and other steel buildings.

With technical competence and many years of experience, we specialize in slim and structurally light solutions which reduce volume and costs. Standardised and clear connection details permit quick and easy frame assembly, thereby saving  enormous amount of time.

Our engineering office is responsible for planning and construction in 2D and 3D, the static calculations and project optimisation. Our professional project managers, plus our assembly and logistic skills, ensure smooth construction on site and appropriate building inspection.