Open Project

Photos ©Marcello Mariana


Manifattura Bulgari, the company's new manufacturing facility, is a design by Open Project, an architecture and engineering firm specializing in the integrated management of complex building systems. With a total area of 15,000 square metres, it is composed of two buildings with completely different architectural characters, so as to create the perfect bridge between innovation and tradition.

The Glass House is not just a symbol of today’s Valenza’s goldworking tradition, but also a place intended for Bulgari’s representation and hospitality area. Inside, the architectural style and interior design reflect Roman Maison's unequivocal style. The new steel and glass structure is a technological extension of the historic Cascina dell'Orefice, while in both choice of materials and colors we can find references to Bulgari’s shops.

The second building houses the manufacturing part of the facility. With its blend of aesthetics and efficiency, the building is equal to the architectural challenge of blending high-tech production capacity with a design that follows the brand’s style values.?The building is over three floors, and surrounds a 600-square-metre courtyard that ensures a high level of natural light. The plant is completely wrapped in a metallic skin, six metres away from the outer walls, which combines an aesthetic function and practical use. It allows natural light to enter unobstructed, therefore there are no visual barriers blocking the view of the surrounding countryside, bringing aesthetic harmony to the structure and at the same time ensures a suitable level of privacy and security.