Pichler Architects

Steel Structures450 ton
Façades4750 sq.m.
Andrea Cavalli

Iron Minuet

The new Atzwanger establishment in Bolzano Sud is the result of a clear formal synthesis including total respect for the latest seismic regulations, a modelling of highly technological materials (such as aluminium and glass) with a strong architectural identity.
In this brief cinematographic story, The Piranesi Experience captures the true essence of the continuous dance between solids and void, between iron and glass, which like a minuet, alternate in the facade without ever predominating one over the other, rendering the entire complex harmonious and balanced.
The short film opens with the camera almost motionless, alluding to the steadiness and stability of the building, showing us an encasement from a strong valance both functional and aesthetic, whose structure is the outcome of an in-depth study of the functions for which it is designed.
Entering the building, the camera moves fluidly and we notice the repetition of the serial metal structure, formed by a regular mesh that structures and marks the spaces into multiplicable and adaptable modules according to the needs of the company.

We return to the exterior of the building, now solely illuminated by artificial light, which principally marks out and affirms the relationship between full capacity and emptied portions in the prospectus: an arm-wrestle without a winner.

Rossana Vinci, architect and journalist